Just a Free Positive Messaging App!

Share positive messages with other nuts or Squirrel them away for a negative day!





So What is vibeSquirrel?


positive messaging app

In a "nutshell", vibeSquirrel is a free positive messaging app.

The basic idea is that you will get random positive messages, I call them "vibes" at random times throughout the week.




push notifications

They will come to you as push notifications. If you click on them and go into the app, the messages will be paired with images that you can share on social media, or “stash” to save them for later.

kickstarter campaign

We are currently under development for iPhone and Android. Want to help the cause? Contribute to our KickStarter Campaign!

Each of your cells is a galaxy in the universe that is your body.

You're full of amazing things!





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Remember that your natural state is joy!

~Wayne Dyer